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An Inspector Calls

With Pato, we started reading An Inspector Calls. characters (relationships) Arthour Birling has a very good relation ship with Gerald. Because the marriage of her daughter would also mean the marriage of both big and powerfull companies. Sheila: she is … Sigue leyendo

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La Odisea

Con Cami, nuestra profesora de Lengua, comenzamos a leer La Odisea.  Buscamos palabras relacionadas con el campo semántico en el relato mitológico y anotamos sus definiciones. Héroe:  en la mitología antigua hombre nacido de un dios o una diosa y de … Sigue leyendo

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The Escape

Pilar, our Language teacher, gave us the assisment of making a dialogue about The Escape. My dialogue was between Chile and Patsy. I’ve made Patsy’s voice and Flor made Chile’s.  

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An Inspector Calls

In our last Literature class, with Pato we started reading a book called ”An Inspector Calls”. The author of the book is call J.B Priestley. The Characters that were introduced are six. The father  called Arthur Birling was a businessman. Sybill was Arthur’s … Sigue leyendo

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Wanted Poster

Today, with Dani we made a nice activite. We devided in groups of two or three people each, and we had to created a “Wanted” poster. Flor Claps, made my poster, I made Elena’s and Ele made Flor’s. Flor chose … Sigue leyendo

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Name Chain

I was  absent the first class of Writting Skills, so my classmates told me what they had done. They played a game called “Name Chain” to introduced them selves. The activite was based on creating a CrossWord using the names … Sigue leyendo

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