“Home is so Sad” & “Rooms”

In literature we read a poem named “Home is so Sad” and “Rooms”

While I was searching for an analysis of “Home is so sad”, I found a text which I liked. It pointed out that “In summary, of course, ‘Home is so Sad’ explores the notion of ‘home’ when that home is left empty, when the ‘heart’ is removed from it, when it has lost what even makes it a ‘home’ (rather than mere bricks and mortar). The unspoken question seems to be: how can a home be a home when there’s no one around to make it so? But of course the answer, partly, is that the home retains sad memories of the people who once occupied it: it carries a reminder of its occupants, their pictures, the music they played on the piano”

Then I look up for an analysis of “Rooms” and I found the following text: ” The idea could denote how we spend our lives essentially in rooms, and each room has its own experience and background which ultimately shapes our identity and background. Alternatively, and in addition, the rooms we spend our time in could eventually shape our personalities and identities and therefore the word rooms is used as the setting or context in which we spend the majority of our lives.”

Those words made me think about my home and my history of the four houses where I lived.  I realized that each one occupied an unchangable part in my life and that I had left there different memories and feelings. Those four houses kept with my life situation at the time I lived there. Those rooms, where I lived, will have a remainder of me, of my old life, as I have of them.

My first house was in Rodriguez peña y Sta. Fe. By the time I was born we lived there with my parents and my sister. I do not remember much about that house but my parents told me I really liked it


When I was three years old, we moved to Av. Callao y Av. Cordoba. Here is where I lived the most. This house kept with my childhood and with the biggest events in my life. I continue living there with my dad. In this house, my favorite room is my bedroom. I had never changed it since I live there. I feel those walls had been always at my side and inside my room I had live some of the most important events in my whole life.

When my parents got the divorce, we moved to a small department in Ayacucho y Melo with my sister and my mum. I love this house. My favorite room was the kitchen. I spent more of the time there.

When my mother got merried we moved to Las Heras y Bustamante. This was a particular moment at my life and I remember that my favorite room was the bathdroom.

Finally, we moved where we live now. I like this home because it gives me a sense of belinging and that Is what I look in a house.  My favorite place is my bedroom.

As  consequence of reading those poems in Lierature, I realized that the homes where I lived keep a memorie of tme, ad of all my family. As we leave there special feelings and memories, we will always leave a mark in them too. Because rooms ar not only a literal place with four walls and a roof, but a place where you build up and create stories and feelings.

I believe those four houses had built my room in my life ultil this moment. Each house is a wall of my metaphorical room where I’m growing and developing in life. Those rooms made me be what I am know and had always been at my side in my deepest events, since at home is where one is its thruthful being.

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  1. Pat dijo:

    All thouse pictures of your HOMES!!
    Of course homes, rooms, make you who you are today!!
    Thanks for sharing!!

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