Dulce Et Decorum Est

On our literature class, we read a poem named “Dulce Et Decorum Est”.

It is an interesting poem since its describes a soldier’s experience in war. He is able to expresss his feelings, thoughts, opinion and even to make us, the reader, reflex about the idea of patriotisim in wartimes and the terrible consquencs that they bring.

I created a wordsearch puzzles, where I include several important words which makes reference to the poem.

Click Here to go to the activity. 

This poem made me think about war and all the matters that it involves. I realized that soliders suffer more than expected and that the idea of making honour to your country is an idea much more promoted than the truth deep inside. Soldiers were force to give their own life for their country, and if they had the unusal luck of surviving, they were still damaged for life with different injuries, mental or phisical.

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  1. Pat dijo:

    You are so creative!!
    Great work Margui!!

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