My expectations for 2019

As a new year starts, it is usally very common to set different objetives, wishes and expectations for it.

I believe this year will be atypical from the others, that leads to new expectations for this year.

As regard school, I hope it does not get so hard. I would like to achieve all my tasks and responsabilities without leaving a side my personal development and aims for this year, such as finding out what I will study. I believe that the school will give us more freedom and independence towards different aspects, but that will also mean that we will need to asume a deeper responsability, which is really great since it is a way of making us grow.

I really want to enjoy our last year at school. We had wait for this moment since we were little children and it had finally arrived. It is the last year we, as classmates, will share our daily hours together and creating new experiencies everyday.  That is why, I would like to develope new skills and knowladge that will be usefull for the future but in a way that will also leave my heart full of beautiful memories of our last year at school.

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  1. Pat dijo:

    Have fun, enjoy yourself but also make the most of all your classes at school!!
    It will be a great year!!

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