In our Proyecto class we are revising how to use the linkers and connectors in order to improve our writing skills.

To start with we were told to do some activities. Afterward, take down notes of the mistakes and leave a comment in the blog saying which connectors/ linkers are difficult.

After that, we were told to complete a text with the connector we though fixed. I have done this with Juana Perez Muniz.


After that we had to prepare our own exercise! We hope you do it correctly! ;).

In a week we will post the correct answers.

  • I studied hard for the test, ………… I failed.


  • Anne Frank kept a diary from June 12, 1942, to August 1, 1944. …………., she wrote it strictly for herself.

  • They gave me a beautiful book, Dutch Sasas and Lesends, ……. they gave me Volume II by mistake, ……  I exchanged two other books for Volume 1.

  • I got to decide which game my classmates would play, and I chose volleyball. ………….. they all danced around me in a circle and sang “Happy Birthday.”

  • …………….. she’s only twelve, she’s quite a lady.

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